Jason Furie and Joshua Herbolsheimer are Late Fee Games. They’re on a quest to create a rad tabletop game celebrating their love of movies and the video rental stores of yesteryear.

Rental Rumble — A new indie tabletop game memorializing video rental stores from the 80s and 90s! Players must rent, watch, and return 3 VHS movies before their opponents. Avoid getting late fees, and always be kind and rewind. Packaged in a VHS box, and launching on Kickstarter 9.9.19! 2-4 players / 30 min / Ages 10+

Jason Furie

Forged in the fires of Columbus Ohio, Jason grew up to be one of the greatest keyholding managers in Blockbuster Video history…probably. After his legendary video rental store career he conquered the fields of movie theatre clerk and part-time comic book shop employee. With nothing more to achieve in life, Jason found solace in the streets of San Francisco where he fully embraces his manchildness (that’s a word because I say it is).

Favorite Movies
The Neverending Story
Jurassic Park

Favorite Tabletop Games
Enchanted Forest

Bonus Features

Joshua Herbolsheimer

Once upon a time in Omaha, a young nerdburger embarked upon an epic quest to watch every movie at his local Blockbuster Video (except the mushy romance movies, and boring grown-up dramas…really just the cartoons, funny stuff and horror movies). When his journey was complete, he worked at a movie theatre to watch more movies and to earn money to buy old toys from a neighborhood comic book shop. Things happened, he learned to draw (kind of) and now makes cool toys for a living in beautiful, cold, foggy San Francisco.

Favorite Movies
Big Trouble in Little China
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favorite Tabletop Games
Run Yourself Ragged
Pop-O-Matic Yipes!

Bonus Features

  • Collector of crusty old dinosaur toys
  • Voice Acted with Alan Oppenheimer (Skeletor)
  • VP of Design at Super7